Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Garcés, J. et al.

Garcés, J.; R?denas, F. & Sanjos?, V. “Social Welfare Policies” Research Unit (SWP). University of Valencia (Spain). Empyrical cost-profit analysis of long term care system from Social Sustainability Principle. In view of the fast increase of social and health care demand in Southern European Welfare States, it is necessary to increase the efficiency of welfareContinue reading “Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Garcés, J. et al.”

Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Marcelo Firpo de S. Porto

Marcelo Firpo de S. Porto Researcher at the Brazilian National School of Public Health (ENSP/FIOCRUZ) and visiting researcher at the Institute for Medical Sociology / University of Frankfurt. Globalization and Work in Brazil: recent trends and perspectives Abstract: This paper aims to show the recent impacts of globalization in the Brazilian labor market mainly duringContinue reading “Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Marcelo Firpo de S. Porto”

Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Sara Alander & Bo Burström

Sara Alander & Bo Burström Karolinska Institutet Economic strain and health among lone mothers in Sweden 1979-1998 Abstract A more equitable allocation of resources in a society may lead to improved population health. The situation of lone mothers may be seen as a litmus paper on how equitable a society is, and the performance ofContinue reading “Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Sara Alander & Bo Burström”

Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Rolf Gustafsson

Rolf Gustafsson Social capital -‘social’ or ‘capital’ ? Abstract This lecture presents a critical analysis of the metaphorical concept ‘social capital’ (SC) which is widely used in public discourse. It reports several problems with SC both conceptually and in terms of possible effects on the public discourse. The time is ripe for a thorough analysis ofContinue reading “Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Rolf Gustafsson”

Stockholm 2003 abstracts: B. Braun & J-U Niehoff

Bernard Braun (Universitat Bremen) Jens-Uwe Niehoff (Altwustrow) The German Health Services System under transformation The political languages still demands reforms. But the German health services system is going to transform into a different one. There are three main aspects of that transformation to identify: the transformation of financing the funds the transformation of the servicesContinue reading “Stockholm 2003 abstracts: B. Braun & J-U Niehoff”

Stockholm 2003 abstracts: M. Johansson

Mauri Johansson, MD, MHH Public Health Partner Specialist in Community and Occupational Medicine Sportsvej 17 7441 Bording Denmark Do we need a new research concept for health policy problems? Analysing research in the field of public health and health policy from a philosophical point of view we meet an overwhelming amount of articles based onContinue reading “Stockholm 2003 abstracts: M. Johansson”

Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Hasselhorn HM et al.

Hasselhorn HM(1), Josephson M(2), Lindberg P(2), Tackenberg P(3), Mueller BH(3) and the NEXT-Study Group (1) Department of Occupational Medicine, University of Wuppertal, Germany (2) Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden (3) Department of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, University of Wuppertal, Germany Intent to leave nursing among nurses in Europe – First results from the European NEXT-STUDY Introduction:Continue reading “Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Hasselhorn HM et al.”

Stockholm 2003 abstracts: J. Lethbridge

Jane Lethbridge Senior Research Fellow Public Service International Research Unit PSIRU- CMS, University of Greenwich Park Row London SE10 9LS +44 8331 7781 Social and economic destabilisation in Europe: implications for health Abstract This paper will examine how public (health) sector unions are responding to changes caused by deregulation. Some of these changes – theContinue reading “Stockholm 2003 abstracts: J. Lethbridge”

Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Ida Hellander (USA)

da Hellander, MD PNHP Executive Director Corporate Health Care Begets Fraud: Recent US Experience ABSTRACT: Many countries are currently engaged in debates over the privatization of their health systems. Privatization is advocated by the IMF and World Bank way of decreasing government expenditures on health and improving efficiency, despite much evidence to the contrary. PreviousContinue reading “Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Ida Hellander (USA)”

13th IAHPEurope Conference – Stockholm 2003

13th IAHPEurope Conference Social and economic destabilisation in Europe: implications for health Wednesday 21st May to Saturday 24th May 2003 Stockholm Sweden The National Institute of Public Health The conference will debate questions like  What are the likely impacts of flexibility, deregulation and fragmentation in working conditions and relationships on health? Including: the impact ofContinue reading “13th IAHPEurope Conference – Stockholm 2003”