Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Marcelo Firpo de S. Porto

Marcelo Firpo de S. Porto

Researcher at the Brazilian National School of Public Health (ENSP/FIOCRUZ) and visiting researcher at the Institute for Medical Sociology / University of Frankfurt.

Globalization and Work in Brazil: recent trends and perspectives

Abstract: This paper aims to show the recent impacts of globalization in the Brazilian labor market mainly during the last decade. After introducing some general elements of the Brazilian economy and work conditions, such as fragmentation, authoritarianism and precariousness, the paper presents recent tendencies in the evolution of labor market. The increasing of unemployment and precarious conditions of work are understood as consequences of the impacts of globalization in this region. These trends limit the scope of structural changes pursued by different social movements after the end of the military era in the eighties. We conclude with some current challenges and perspectives in the moment that a new left federal government is beginning its mandate with the election as president of Lula from the Workers’ Party.

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