Stockholm 2003 abstracts: Garcés, J. et al.

Garcés, J.; R?denas, F. & Sanjos?, V.

“Social Welfare Policies” Research Unit (SWP). University of Valencia (Spain).

Empyrical cost-profit analysis of long term care system from Social Sustainability Principle.

In view of the fast increase of social and health care demand in Southern European Welfare States, it is necessary to increase the efficiency of welfare systems by kept down public costs, according to the Social Sustainability Principle (Garc?s, 2000). That implies: 1) Keep down current levels of public investment (in terms of percentage of GDP); and/or 2) increase profits from better adaptation between offered resources and demand (increase of efficiency) and better sharing of care (increase of people who have the chance of using available resources).

We want to study the applicability of these strategies in long term care services for dependent people in health system. Worrying management and funding problems are being caused by growth of dependent people in all developed countries.

We have developed a quantitative approach with regard to generated profits when the chance of accesing to services is improved. For that welfare needs and features of people looked after in health resources in a Mediterranean place, Valencian Community in Spain, have been studied.

Our aims are: a) Calculate current cost of health care for looked after dependent people; b) propose new health care scenes; c) work out costs of the new proposal and economic saving respect to the initial one; and finally, d) calculate potential increase of health care coverage of which could benefit people with social and health care profile.

Person: Prof. Jordi Garcés.
Mail address: Universitat de Val?ncia, Campus Tarongers, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales. Avenida de los Naranjos, s/n. 46022 Valencia (Spain).

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