10th Conference “Poverty and Health”, Berlin, December 3-4, 2004

Health and Globalisation

For the first time the German conference Poverty and Health internationalizes with 4 workshops held by medico international. We want to discuss with speakers from the People’s Health Movement from India (Thelma Narayan), South Africa (David Sanders) and Nicaragua (Maria Hamlin Zuñiga) and the Netherlands (Jose Utrera) political strategies in dealing with the current neoliberal health politics all over the world and how Health for All and Access to Health can be realized. Other speakers come from international institutions and Networks as Health Action International (Collen Daniels), the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (Kingsley Moghalu) and ILO (Michael Cichon). We are proud that Halfdan Mahler, the former Director General of WHO and one of the “fathers” of the Alma Ata Declaration 1978 will attend our conference as well and participate in the debates.

10th Annual Conference on Poverty and Health , Berlin, Germany,
December 3-4, 2004
New Movements for Health – Networks and Structures for Healthy Environments
Organiser: Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Gesundheit Berlin e.V.
Contribution of medico international: 4 workshops:

Health and Globalisation
Debates, Concepts, Options of an International Health Movement

Friday, December 3

9.30 � 11.00 h General Opening Session of the Conference Poverty and Health
Among others: Welcoming adress by
Dr. Halfdan Mahler, (WHO Director General 1973 � 88, Geneva)

11.30 � 13.00 h Workshop I
Health is Politics!
Strategies to Confront Neoliberal Health Policies

Maria Hamlin Zuniga (International People�s Health Council Managua, Nicaragua)
Health is Politics. People´s resistance to privatisation in the health sector.

Dr. José Utrera (WEMOS, People´s Health Movement (PHM) Europe, Amsterdam),
Public Private Partnership for Health � chance or danger for health care systems?

Dr. Dr. Jens Holst, (Physician and Journalist, Berlin)
What are the lessons to learn from the failure of neoliberal financing models in Latin America?

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Klaus Stegmüller, University of Applied Sciences of Fulda

14.15 � 15.45 h Workshop II
A global Movement for Health
The People´s Health Movement

Dr. Thelma Narayan (Secretariat People�s Health Movement, Bangalore, India)
Maria Zuniga (International People�s Health Council Managua, Nicaragua)
Prof. Dr. David Sanders (School of Public Health – Western Cape, People´s Health Movement South Africa)
Perspectives of Health Movements in a globalized world

Dr. Halfdan Mahler, (WHO Director General 1973 � 88, Geneva)
Comments and Reflections: Health for All � a failed decision of the WHO?

Moderation: Dr. Andreas Wulf, medico international

16.15 � 17.45 h Workshop III
Treating for AIDS but Starving for Hunger?
Facing a Globalised Epidemic: the Example HIV/AIDS

Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu (The Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, Head of Global Partnerships, Geneva)
A new financing mechanism for the Treatment of (not only) HIV/AIDS: A review of the first years of the GFATM.

Dr. David Sanders (People�s Health Movement South Africa, Cape Town)
Challenges for Public Health Care Systems confronting the AIDS epidemic � a view from Southern Africa

Colleen Daniels (Health Action International Europe, Amsterdam)
Who gets the benefits of the treatment initiatives? The necessity of public control of global treatment initiatives

Moderation: Dr. Arnd Hofmeister, University of Magdeburg-Stendal

Saturday December 4

9.30 � 11.00 h Workshop IV
Health for All instead of Access for a Few.
A round table session on social security in global dimensions

Michael Cichon (International Labor Organisation, Social Protection Dep., Geneva)
Dr. Andreas Wulf (medico international, Frankfurt, Germany)
Dr. Thelma Narayan (People�s Health Movement India, Bangalore)
Prof. Dr. Ilona Kickbusch (Yale University, International Health Division, New Haven, USA)
Moderation: N.N.

Conference Details
Place: Rathaus Schöneberg, John-F.-Kennedy Platz, 10820 Berlin, Germany
Time: Fri, 03. December 9.30 � 18.00 h; Sat, 04. December 9.30 � 13.00
All medico workshops with English-German simultaneous translation.
Registration fee for the whole Conference: 50 Euro ( 5 Euro for participants without income)
Information about medico workshops and registration for conference:
further information about the conference (in german) www.armut-und-gesundheit.de

medico international e.V.
Obermainanlage 7
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 (0)69 � 944 38 0
Fax: +49 (0)69 � 43 60 02
info@medico.de , www.medico.de
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