Anti war call to all citizens of Europe

Anti war call to all citizens of Europe 12-11-2002

Together we can stop this war!

We, the European social movements are fighting for social rights and social justice, for democracy and against all forms of oppression.

We stand for a world of diversity, freedom and mutual respect.

We believe this war, whether it has UN backing or not, will be a catastrophe for the people of Iraq – already suffering because of the embargo and the Saddam Hussein regime – and for people across the Middle East. It should be opposed by everyone who believes in democratic, political solutions to international conflicts because it will be a war with the potential to lead to global disaster.

There is a massive opposition to war in every country of Europe. Hundreds of thousands have already mobilised for peace.

We call on the movements and citizens of Europe to start continent wide resistance to war, and to:

  1. 1organising massive opposition to an attack on Iraq starting now
  2. if war starts to protest and organise actions immediately and call for national demonstrations the next saturday
  3. to start organising enourmous anti war demonstrations in every capitals on February 15th.

We can stop this war.

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