Mallorca Conference Programme 21-24 May 2002

“Globalising health in a global world. Defending health in a polarised world”

The XIIth Congress of the International Association of Health Policy and the XIV meeting on Public Health Care Delivery Systems

MAY 21-24 2002

Palma de Mallorca,
Aula Magna Pueblo Español, Spain


21 May 2002
16-19 hs : Inscriptions
19 hs.- Opening Ceremony


President of Baleares
Cancellor of Health
President of IAHP
President of the Scientific Committee
President of ABDSP
President of ALAMES
President of FADSP

20 hs.- Reception at the Castillo de Bellver

22 May 2002
9 hs.- Openning Lecture :
Implications of the globalising treaties to the health care systems.

Lecturer : Dr Allyson Pollock, Prof University College London, UK

Coordinator : Hixinio Beiras (Spain)
Raporteur: Alicia Stolckiner (Argentina)

10,30 hs.- First theme: Alternatives for the globalisation of Health

Plenary: The development of the global economy and its impact on Health policies: the actual situation in the world.
H.U. Deppe (Germany)
David Sanders (South Africa)
Vicente Navarro (USA, Spain)
Francisco Rojas Ochoa (Cuba)
Coordinator: Alexis Benos (Greece)
Raporteur: Diego Reverte

12,30 hs.- Coffe-Break
13 hs.-
Ethics, technology and health policies:
Giovanni Berlinguer ( Italy)
Coordinator: Adolfo Marques
Raporteur: Arturo Varela Freijanes
14,30 hs.- Lunch
16,30 hs Plenary: The experience of popular movements in favor of Public Health Care
Hixinio Beiras FADSP
Linda Peeno
Chan Chee Khoom ( Malaysia)
Debora Tajer (ALAMES)
Moderador:Tudort Hart
Relatora:Celina Pereda

18 hs.- Lecture: Women´s movements in favor of Public Health Care

Lecturer: Carmen Martinez Aguayo
Coordinator: Francisca Mas, Head of the Institute of the Woman. Baleares
Relatora: Marta Carreras

20- 21 hs.-Poster session

23 May 2002

9 hs. Second Theme: Population displacements. Repercussions on health. Migration and Health

Plenary: Health Care of the immigrants
Josep Coll, Responsable Semfyc Area Inmigración (Spain)
Jochen Zenker (Germany)
Penda Mbow (Senegal)
Francisco Ramos Cabaleiro
Olveen Carrasquillo (USA-PNHP)
Coordiantorr:Alejandro Miguel Navajra Profesor UIB
Raporteur: Eva Cerdeiriña Outurai

12 hs.- Coffe- Break
12,30 hs.- Plenary:
Health in a polarised world
Carolina Tetelboin
Taisirj Jadalae
Catalina Eibenschutz/Eugenia Vilar (Mexico)Lidia Simbirtseva
Coordinator: Luis Carlos Silva ( Cuba)
Raporteur: Manuel Martin

14,30 hs.Lunch
16,30 hs. Gender and Health.
Plenary: Gender and health policies: a pathway towards equity
Carme Orte
Leticia Artiles, (Cuba)
Me Angeles Rodriguez
Coordinator:Mar Martin

18 hs. Experiences of Social medicine as part of govermental responsibilities
Maria Urbaneja, Minister of Health, Venezuela
Marisa Castro
Harmut Reiner, Land Brandenburg (Alemania)Ramon Socias
Coordinator: Ramon Espasa (España)
Raporteur: Roser Perez

19,30 hs.- Assemblies FADSP-IAHP

24 May 2002
09.00. Poster communications
Raporteur: Jaime Ochogavia Canoves

Second Theme:
The right to health of the european citizens. The necessicity of a common health policy

10,30 hs. Plenary: Perspectives ofthe right in Health in the European Union

Trude Arnesen (Norway)
Carlos Pagan
Pedro Marset (member of the European Parlement,Spain)
Matilde Valentin
Manuel Martin
Coordinator: Steve Iliffe (UK)
Raporteurr: Jose Joaquin O´Shanahan

12,30 hs.- Coffe-Break
13 hs. Lecture: NHS evolution in UK: from Thacher to Blair
Lecturer: Peter Fisher (GB)
Coordinator: Mª Angeles Leciñena, Consell de Eivissa – Formentera
Raporteur: Carlos Hernandez Lahoz

14,30 hs. Lunch

16,30 hs. Plenary: Womens’ Health in Europe
Lucia Mazarrasa
Diana Sojo
Immaculada Zambrano
Wendy Savage (NHSCA)
Coordinator:Marisa Fernández
Raporteur:Rosa Me Alberdi Castell

18,15 hs
Closing Lecture:Social and Health Care. Needs, Problems and Alternatives
Lecturer: Vicente Navarro
Coordinator:Ricard Terre
Raporteur: Antonio Vergara

19,15 Closing plenary
General Report of the Conference
Coordinators: Oscar Garcia Aboin & Juan Luis Ruiz-Gimenez, raporteurs of the Conference
Declaration of Baleares: Globalising Health. Action perspectives
Coordinator :Camilo Jose Cela Conde

Closing Ceremony
Hble Sra Joanna Barcelo, President of the Menorca Council
Hble Sra Pilar Costa, President of the Eivissa & Formentera Council
Hble Sra Josefina Sintes, Consejera de Bienestar Social, Mallorca Council
ll-lma Sra Margarita Najera, Alcaldesa de Calvia
IAHP new president
Sr Don Manuel Martin FADSP
Sra. |Dna Sara Codina, Presidente ABDSP

21,30 hs Closing dinner

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