SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS – 19th IAHPE Conference: Capitalism, Pandemics, and Public Health (21-24 September 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece) | Deadline on 31 May 2023

Submissions for papers’ presentations are now open. To submit the abstract for the 19th IAHPE Conference please fill the form here or use the QR code below.

Every capitalist epoch has its own characteristics of struggles for health, social justice, and access to health care. The beginning of the decade has been over-shadowed by increased and exaggerated inequities and inequalities of peoples’ health and access to healthcare worldwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic deepened the class divide of access to health, healthcare, and vaccines all over the world. The pandemic is only one example of a global public health crisis within a planetary health emergency, driven by a cynical economic system that prioritises profit-making at the expenses of planetary needs.

Ongoing conflicts and wars over resources are triggering nationalism and forced migration in an increasingly unstable climate, and will continue to shape the political economy of health worldwide.

As humanity has become the major force in Earth System change, it is crucial to understand the relations between all these human actions and the planet’s responses, to prepare public health and health care systems for future threats.

Within the above context, the 19th IAHPE conference will focus on looking forward to preparing for future public health challenges, addressing the following themes, but not exclusively:

• Health care inequities and the struggle for health.
• Planetary health, climate change and health.
• War and conflict and health.
• Migration, forced migration and public health.
• Universal health care and health services’ privatization.
• Access and distribution of vaccines and pharmaceuticals.
• Academic freedom and commodification of public health education.
• Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and public health preparedness.
• Challenges and opportunities for public health.
• Social movements, solidarity, and public health activism.

We welcome any submission falling in one or more of the above themes.

Find the 19th IAHPE Conference material here

The programme of the conference will include keynote speakers, panel discussions, and papers’ presentations. Keynote sessions and panel discussions will stress on the main topics of the conference with the help of invited speakers.

Submissions for papers’ presentations are now open.

The papers’ presentations will be allocated in oral and posters’ presentations, both having equal academic recognition as presentations in the Conference. We welcome any submission falling in one or more of the above themes.

To submit the abstract for the 19th IAHPE Conference please fill the form here or use the QR code below. The main body of the abstract should be no longer than 500 words and following the Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion structure. Upon submission, please provide the name, contact, and affiliation of the presenting author, as well as the title and general theme of the presentation.

Abstract submission deadline: 31 May 2023

In due time you will receive the decision of the peer review committee regarding the admission of your presentation and in case of positive answer its allocation in oral or poster presentation.

Participants with full time job and salary: 50€
Unemployed, precarious workers, students: free of charge

For any query, please contact the committee at

Download the 2nd call

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