Civil rights and public health during the pandemic in Greece

Amid the critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece a number of neoliberal policies, swiftly applied from the government, resulted in the restriction of fundamental rights, excessive use of force and police brutality in the cities, ‘suffocating’ conditions at public hospitals, as well as misinformation and propaganda spread across mass media. The authoritarian measures which the conservative, right-wing government of Nea Dimokratia has been enforcing, along with the violations of civil rights standards are raising significant continual threats. In response to these events and the rampant violent state repression, the groups Griechenland Solidarität and reAKT-Aktion Against Repression are hosting an online discussion, featuring speakers situated in the midst of these developments in Greece in their respectable fields. The discussion will touch upon these recent events and the risks arising from the political actions of the government.

Panel Discussion:

1. Alexis Benos (Health – Pandemic)- Political management of the pandemic
– Public health system in Greece
– Assigning responsibilities to health professionals (lawsuits)

2. Despina Paraskeva-Veloudogianni (Repression – Pandemic)- Visiting the connection between authoritarianism and the rise of repression due to governmental measures under the guise of public health safety.
– Feminists get arrested at Syntagma on the 25th of September 2020, during the Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
– The rise of repression under the guise of the pandemic consisting of:
*curfews ostensibly for the protection of public health
*Increase in fines for breach of lockdown measures
*Ban on gatherings
– Estimates for the future as well as the government’s agenda

3. Christos Avramidis (Repression – Movement)- The doctrine that is “Law & Order” imposed by the government during a very difficult period for the country (economic iris & pandemic) with an attempt to defeat public resistance
– Description of the situation regarding the measures and decisions of the government (mass media support, the Church, workers)
– Introduction of university police instead of enhancement of university education quality (recruitment, infrastructure, maintenance, equipment)
– Actions of the movement and a vision for the future

Please send an e-mail at to register and receive the Zoom Link!

The event is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

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