PHM’ s webinar: Resisting Militarisation of the Covid19 response

PHM’ s thematic Group  on “War and Conflict, Occupation and Forced Migration and Health” is starting up its programmes with a webinar on

Resisting Militarisation of the Covid19 response 

August 25 // 1 p.m GMT
(9:00 p.m Manila / 6:30 p.m Delhi / 4:00 p.m Beirut/ 10:00 a.m Rio)

Please Register Here:

Michael Lim Tan (Philippines)
Elham Jameel  (Yemen)
Sameer Jabour  (Lebanon)
Maira Mathias-  (Brazil)

Brief Intervention:
Rajni Soren (India)
Alexis Benos  (Greece)

Joseph Cariebo (Philippines)- Also Coordinator 

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