Open Letter in Support of Dr. Bülent Şık, Sentenced to Prison for Publicizing Threats to Public Health

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February 18, 2020

As academics, scientists, and advocates of human rights and environmental justice, we strongly condemn the sentencing of Dr. Bülent Şık to 15 months in prison. Dr. Şık is a food engineer and expert in measuring toxic residues in food such as pesticides, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, and heavy metals. Dr. Şık conducted research under the auspices of Turkey’s Ministry of Health as an assistant professor at Akdeniz University in Turkey (2009-2016), where he also served as deputy director of the University’s Food Safety and Agricultural Research Center (2010-2016). This research involved measuring environmental pollutants in soil, food, air, surface water, and groundwater to assess possible links to increasing incidence rates of cancer. His study identified “health-threatening levels of pesticides, heavy metals, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in multiple food and water samples in the cities of Kocaeli, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ, and Edirne, located in the Ergene River basin. In some residential areas, the water was totally undrinkable because of lead, aluminum, chrome and arsenic pollution” [1].

In 2016, Dr. Şık, together with over two thousand other academics, signed the Academics for Peace statement “We will not be a party to this crime,” which was critical of military actions in the Kurdish regions of the country [2]. For this reason, he was indicted for allegedly making terrorist propaganda, fired from the Food Safety and Agricultural Research Center and, along with hundreds of other signatories, lost his academic position pursuant to Decree No. 677 on November 22, 2016. (The Constitutional Court in Turkey subsequently ruled on July 26, 2019 that punishing academics for signing the statement was a violation of their freedom of expression, yet no academics have been reinstated since the ruling [3]).

Dr. Şık’s research had revealed serious environmental risks to public health, and children’s health in particular, yet three years had passed without public comment or remediation efforts by the Ministry of Health. In April of 2018, Dr. Şık thus decided to summarize his research in a series of articles in the national daily newspaper Cumhuriyet. Two months later, Prosecutor Gökhan Boydak of the İstanbul Terror and Organized Crimes Investigation Bureau issued an indictment of Dr. Şık, which carried a possible 12-year sentence, for allegedly violating Turkish Penal Code Article 258 (Disclosure of office secrets), Article 334 (Disclosure of restricted information for political or military spying purposes), and Article 336 (Holding documents relating to Public security) [4]. At his first two hearings, on February 7, 2019 and May 30, 2019, a request for acquittal was heard and denied and the court sought more information from the Ministry of Health [5,6]. At his third hearing on September 26, 2019, Dr. Şık was acquitted of two of the three charges but convicted of violating Article 258 [7]. Although he could have received a suspended sentence if he expressed remorse, Dr. Şık testified he had a duty to act: “scientists should regard it as a fundamental responsibility to carry their knowledge and results of the studies they conducted to the public sphere… Institutions might stay silent in the face of social problems, but a scientist should not stay silent” [8]. He was sentenced to fifteen months in prison. Dr. Şık has since appealed his conviction and is awaiting a hearing at the Turkish Court of Appeals, which could happen at any time.

According to Reporters Without Borders Turkey representative Erol Önderoğlu: “It was clearly in the public interest for Bülent Şık to publish this information, so his conviction is a profoundly unjust act of censorship” [9]. Sarah Clarke, Head of Europe and Central Asia at the British human rights organization ARTICLE 19, called Bülent Şık’s conviction “further evidence of the erosion of the rule of law and judicial independence in Turkey” [10]. Amnesty international’s Senior Campaigner on Turkey, Milena Buyum, wrote that “Dr Bülent Şık believed he had a duty to ensure that his research findings revealing the presence of carcinogenic pesticides and other toxins in agricultural products and water, were in the public domain” [11].

Dr. Bülent Şık’s appeal could be taken up any day and without advance warning, so international support is urgently needed. We, the undersigned, express our solidarity with Dr. Şık who acted as a responsible scientist defending public health. We encourage scientists and academics around the world to suspend collaborations with the Turkish Ministry of Health and academic institutions in Turkey that deliberately target academic freedom and freedom of speech. We ask the (domestic and international) public to stand in solidarity with Dr. Şık and call upon the judges at the Court of Appeals to do what is right and nullify his conviction.


National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981
Academic Solidarity Network
Pesticide Action Network – UK

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Nobel Laureates:
*Eric Wieschaus, Nobel Laureate Medicine/Physiology 1995, Squibb Professor in Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA
*Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1997, Emeritus Professor, Collège de France, Paris, France
*Roald Hoffmann, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1981, Frank H. T. Rhodes Professor of Humane Letters, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
*Robert Curl, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1996, University Professor Emeritus, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

1. Judith Butler, Professor, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
2. Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor (emeritus) MIT, Laureate Professor U. of Arizona, Tucson AZ USA
3. Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, and a Laureate Professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne
4. Seyla Benhabib, Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy, Yale University, New Haven, CT USA
5. Axel Honneth, Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University, Director of the Institute for Social Research, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
6. Wendy Brown, Professor, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
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12. Larry Goldbetter, President, National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981
13. Joan W. Scott, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, USA
14. J.M. Bernstein, University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, New School for Social Research, New York, USA
15. Mary Marshall Clark, Director of the Columbia Center for Oral History Research and co-founder of Columbia’s Oral History Master of Arts degree program, Columbia University, , New York, NY, USA
16. Todd Gitlin, Professor of Journalism and Sociology, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
17. Timur Kuran, Professor of Economics and Political Science and Gorter Family Professor of Islamic Studies, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA
18. Aysen Candas, Peace Academic, formerly Associate Professor at Bogazici University, visiting scholar at Yale University
19. Elazar Barkan, Professor of International and Public Affairs, Director of Institute for the Study of Human Rights and SIPA Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy Concentration, Columbia University
20. Prof. Dr. Kader Konuk, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Institut für Turkistik, Institutsleiterin Akademie im Exil, Direktorin
21. Burhan Sönmez, Novelist, Board member PEN International
22. Mille Rode, journalist, general secretary, Danish PEN
23. Partha Chatterjee, Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University, New York, USA
24. Ayça Çubukçu, Senior Fellow, Fung Global Fellows Program, Princeton University & Associate Professor in Human Rights, Co-Director, LSE Human Rights, London School of Economics and Political Science
25. Alison M. Jaggar, Professor of Distinction, Departments of Philosophy and Women & Gender Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, USA
26. Naomi Zack, Professor of Philosophy, Lehman College, Bronx, NY, USA
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31. Bertell Ollman, Professor of Politics, New York University, New York, NY, USA
32. Robin Celikates, Professor of Social Philosophy, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
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36. Dr. Eva von Redecker, Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Germany
37. Frederick Neuhouser, Professor, Barnard College, Columbia University, USA
38. Philip John Landrigan, MD. President, Collegium Ramazzini, Director, Program in Global Public Health and the Common Good, Boston College. Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
39. Tarık Beyhan, Campaigns & Communications Director, Amnesty International Turkey, Istanbul
40. Tuna Altınel Université Lyon 1 Associate Professor
41. Edouard Brézin, Ecole Normale Supérieure , Académie des Sciences, Paris
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51. Fatih Seyhanoglu, exiled Kurdish Journalist and Novelist, originally from Turkey
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182. Arzu Okay
183. Deniz Ay, Research Fellow, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
184. Özgür Narin, Turkey
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186. Şemsettin koç doktor Diyarbakır
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199. Theresa M Trujillo, US citizen, health equity community organizer
200. Mustafa Karatok, postdoctoral researcher, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
201. Josh Sturman
202. Gozde Gonul, Citizen, Istanbul, Turkey
203. Aydın Arı, Dr., İzmir Dayanışma Akademisi, İzmir, Türkiye
204. Döndü Şahin, Research Fellow, Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya, Turkey
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206. Özgür Öztürk, Associate Professor, independent scholar, İzmir, Türkiye
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208. Ethem Şallı
209. Nilüfer tasangil activist
210. Asli Telli, Research Fellow, Uni-Siegen, Germany
211. Erdal Gilgil, Professor, unaffiliated scholar, Antalya, Turkey
212. Olcay Kunal, çevresever
213. Cristina Del Biaggio, Université Grenoble Alpes, France
214. Pelin Ünker, journalist, Turkey
215. Emrah Günok, ex-academician, dissident, İstanbul
216. Ali karakoç Md Dr
217. Cumhur İzgi – Associate Professor, Independent Scholar, Antalya, Turkey
218. Kaan Sakarya, Istanbul Turkey
219. Sefa Feza Arslan, Prof., Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey
220. Onur Hamzaoğlu, Prof.Dr., Kocaeli Academy for Solidarity, Kocaeli, Türkiye
221. Özlem Özkan, Doç.Dr., Kocaeli Academy for Solidarity, Kocaeli, Türkiye
222. Ulaş Bayraktar, Kulturhane, Mersin, Turkey
223. Katharina Hoppe, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany
224. Helin Guler, Master Student, Izmir, Turkey
225. Esengül Ayyıldız, independent scholar, İstanbul
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227. Mustafa Şener, Dr., Visiting Scholar. Frei University-Germany
228. Jakob Lothe, Professor of English literature, University of Oslo, Norway
229. Galip Deniz Altınay
230. Dilek Karabulut independent scholar Ankara, Turkey
231. Z. Tül Akbal Prof Dr Kampüssüzler İstanbul
232. Defne Topcu, activist, Istanbul, Turkey
233. Hikmet Adal, Journalist, Istanbul, Turkey
234. Yasemin Özgün, academic, Ankara, Turkey,
235. Didar Yildirim, Istanbul, Turkey
236. Angelique tonnaer
237. Mustafa Kemal Coşkun, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Ankara University, Former Faculty Member, Ankara, Turkey
238. Dr. Ferda Fahrioğlu, İstanbul, Turkey
239. Elif Sandal Önal, Associated Researcher, Bielefeld University, Germany
240. Seçkin Özsoy , Dr., Ankara, Turkey
241. Evren S. ALTINEL, MD, Family Phisician, İstanbul, Turkey
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243. Garip Hanay, PhD student, Mersin University, Mersin, Turkey
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247. Yonca Demir, citizen, Turkey
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249. Orkun Doğan, Researcher, Yerküre Kooperatifi, Istanbul
250. Özlem Işıl, citizen, Turkey
251. H. Pinar Senoguz, Dr./postdoctoral researcher, University of Göttingen, Germany
252. Emek Erez, yazar, Ankara/ Türkiye
253. Julia Strutz, Off-University
254. Mihrican Zorlu Günok, ex-academician, İstanbul, Turkey
255. Tayfun Özkaya
256. Dilek Hattatoglu, PhD, Associate Professor, Istanbul, Turkey
257. Bediz Yılmaz, Independent scholar, activist
258. Elke Weyel, Psychoanalyst, Hamburg Germany
259. Matthias Plieninger, Physician, IPPNW, Hamburg, Germany
260. Alkan Karanlık, Independent Researcher, Activist, İzmir, Turkey
261. Yönetici Van
262. Sevgi Mutlu, PhD Candidate, LMU Germany
263. Bulent Şık a yapilan haksızlıktır.O’ nu destekliyorum.. AkınTÜRE Izmir. Çiftçi
264. Özlem Atik , aktivist, istanbul
265. Gülçin Tonguc
266. Özlem Atik, Istanbul, Turkey
267. Nalan Yüksel, Dr. Zir. Müh. İzmir Türkiya
268. Pınar Ünlü
269. Hüseyin Güven, Physician
270. T. Gül Köksal, architect, İstanbul, Turkey
271. Şebnem Oğuz, Professor, Ankara
272. Hüseyin Güven, Hekim
273. Prof.Dr. Gulser Kayir, Academic,Antalya Turkey
274. Tunc Ali Kütükcüoglu, PhD candidate (economy & ecology), independent scholar
275. Derya Keskin, PhD., Kocaeli Academy for Solidarity, Turkey
276. Feyyaz Uysal- Ziraat Mühendisi -Eskişehir
277. Tunc Ali Kütükcüoglu, PhD candidate, independent scholar, Feldmeilen, Switzerland
278. Aysuda Kölemen, PhD, Bard College Berlin, Germany
279. Can Geyik, Öğrenci, Istanbul, Türkiye
280. Vezan Karabulut Ziraat Mühendisi İzmir Türkiye
281. Prof. em.Dr. Yaşar Aktaş
282. Ali Cafer Çelik İstanbul, Turkey
283. Reyda Ergün, Dr, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey
284. Selim CAKMAKLI, Dr., Rutgers University-Camden, NJ, USA
285. Seval Ebru Yıldız, Urban Planner/Public Servant, Turkey
286. Ayşe Durakbaşa, ( prof. dr.) retired academician, Istanbul, Turkey
287. Günnaz Kuruçay
288. Gamze Yerdut Mali Müşavir İzmir /Türkiye
289. Doç.Dr.,Feryal Saygiligil, İstanbul
290. Müjgan Pirinçciler Doktor Çanakkale
291. Yagmur Tas
292. Jini Güneş, MD, Mersin, Turkey
293. Dr. K. Mehmet Kentel, Istanbul
294. Mustafa Demiral ziraat Mühendisi Eskisehir
295. Muzaffer Kaya, PhD, Potsdam University, Germany
296. Metin Umunç, Aktivist, İstanbul
297. Gülsüm Çırpıcıoğlu, Pratisyen Hekim
298. Deniz Başkent, professor, UMCG, Groningen, Netherlands
299. Burhan Zehni Eskisehir, Turkiye
300. Seçil Çetin
301. Özge Yenier Duman, Ankara, Turkey
302. Zeynep Gambetti, Independent Scholar, formerly Assoc. Prof. at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
303. Prof.Dr. Ali Osman Karababa, Public Health Specialist, İzmir, Türkiye
304. İ. Kuban Altınel, Prof., Dept. of Ind. Eng., Boğaziçi Univ.
305. Gökçe Susam Nazlıcan Üretici, İş insanı İzmir Türkiye
306. Selim CAKMAKLI, PhD, Rutgers University-Camden, NJ, USA
307. Suna Aras. Şair-Yazar, İstanbul, Türkiye
308. Z. Gizem SAYIN, Researcher, Kampüssüzler, Istanbul, Turkey
309. Angelique Tonnaer Kırkıl, Sustainability Consultant, Antalya, Turkey
310. Mustafa İrvem Keskinoğlu, free translater, İstanbulslater
311. Eda Guclu, postdoc, LMU
312. Greg Albo, Professor of Politics, York University, Toronto
313. Dr. Ahmet Cinici, Independent Scholar, London, United Kingdom
314. Ülkü Doğanay, Prof. Dr. University of Connecticut, remote scholar, Turkey
315. Serdar Keskin, musician, Mersin, Turkey
316. Ömer Madra, Istanbul, Turkey
317. Eren Artu, Slow Food Bodrum Yaveş Gari Convivium member, Bodrum, Turkey
318. H. Nese Ozgen, PhD. Visiting Scholar at Duke University, Cultural Anthropology Department, Resident Associate at National Humanities Center (NHC), Durham, NC, USA
319. Dr. Deniz Kilincoglu, Research Fellow, Göttingen Institute for Advanced Study, Göttingen, Germany
320. Dr. med. Gisela Penteker, IPPNW, D21762 Otterndorf, Germany
321. Gülgün Başarır Ressam
322. Mesude Selvili İatanbul Türkiye
323. Derya KİP/Tekstil Mühendisi, Türkiye
324. Barış Özel, İzmir, Turkey
325. Chad Kautzer, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA
326. Neşe Yüzak Elektrik mühendisi Muğla Turkey
327. Baki Tezcan; Associate Professor of History; University of California, Davis; USA
328. Robert Crews, Professor of History, Stanford U., USA
329. Öncelik halk sağlığınındır. Filiz Aldemir ,Food Engineer, Antalya, Türkiye
330. Hıdır Sarıoğlu,Ankara,Turkey
331. Turan Kepenek
332. Saniye Öner, İstanbul, Türkiye
333. Merih Yücel, Biyolog Izmir, Turkey
334. Umut Kocagöz, PhD Researcher, ISS, the Netherlands
335. Murat Adıyaman, insan
336. Nihat Altınok bağımsız amele İstanbul Türkiye
337. Aydan Danısman, dentist, Amsterdam, Netherlands
338. Zeynep Gülçin Güçlü
339. Vera Caen, Photographer, Istanbul, Turkey
340. Şefika Parlayan, öğretmen Konya
341. Dr. Serdar Şahinkaya, Economic Historian, Ankara, Turkey
342. Nuran Ünaydin Ziraat Yuksek Mühendisi..Bursa
343. Ahmet Baycu İzmir, Turkey
344. Erdem Üngür, Postdoc Researcher, ULB, Brüksel
345. Cengiz Küçükgörkey, emekli, aktivist, İzmir, Türkiye
346. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saltık, Ankara, Turkey
347. David Schlosberg, Professor of Environmental Politics, University of Sydney, Sydney Australia
348. Dr Barış Tuncer, Firmware Engineer, Canada
349. Malik Karacan, CPA Adana Turkey
350. Nalan Erbil, PhD, Madison, WI, USA
351. Göknur Yumuşak sosyolog aktivist
352. Banu Ugural, Artist, Designer, Teacher, Istanbul, Turkey
353. Nail Ozer, Orman Mühendisi, İstanbul, Türkiye
354. Nuriye mehmet kemal modelist istanbul turkiye
355. Malik Karacan, CPA Adana Turkey
356. Devrim İmren Ecz. Teknisyeni İstanbul
357. Betül Kaya Antalya Turkiye
358. Kerem Elmas, Ziraat mühendisi, İzmir, Türkiye
359. Sumercan Bozkurt, Visiting Faculty, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
360. Savaş Dede, PhD Candidate International Relations Dep. Van.
361. Umut Tümay Arslan, Doç.Dr., MSGSÜ, İstanbul
362. Zeynep Aka
363. Melehat Kutun, Research fellow, Kassel University, Germany
364. İbrahim Zafer İstanbul/türkiye
365. Gülcan Ergün, PhD, Eskişehir Okulu, Eskişehir, Turkey
366. Dicle dilan salman
367. Şebnem Köymen, İzmir Dayanışma Akademisi, İzmir, Türkiye
368. Ayla Albayrak, Journalist, Istanbul, Turkey
369. Pinar E. Donmez, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
370. Zeynel Abidin Bahri
371. Hüsniye Demircioglu Dr. Emekli öğretim üyesi
372. Cansu Cetin, PhD researcher, Switzerland
373. VVedat YILMAZ, Assist. Prof., AÇÜ, Artvin, Turkey
374. Sezai Ozan Zeybek, Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin
375. Jennifer Rubenstein, Associate Professor, University of Virginia
376. Thomas Carl Schwoerer, Publisher, Germany
377. Dimitri Bettoni, ESR, Dublin City University
378. Isabel Aust, PhD Candidate, Dublin City University, Ireland
379. Özer Güzel, citizen, Turkey
380. Serpil Bal
381. Lucia Mesquita, Early Stage Researcher, Dublin City University, Dublin/Ireland
382. Nesrin Demirler Architec, Activist, İstanbul, Turkey
383. Göknur Yumuşak
384. Sosyolog Göknur Yumuşak
385. Barbara Gormley Doctoral Researcher Dublin City University, Ireland
386. Songül / aktivist. İstanbul/Türkiye
387. Sinan Oruçoğlu
388. Doğan Karakaş, heykeltraş, Istanbul, Türkiye
389. Sinan Niron gazeteci aktivist Eskişehir, Türkiye
390.Cansu Zambak
391. Kim Fortun, Professor, University of California Irvin, Irvine, California, USA
392. Gülgün Selamoğlu
393. Ferhan Ertürk, çevirmen, Istanbul, Türkiye
394. Stephen Polk, Assistant Professor, Naropa University, scholar/organizer, Denver. USA
395. Gülgün YENAR
396. Eşref AVCI Activist
397. Kamil Samir, retired, İzmir
398. Müjgan Beller diş hekimi, İstanbul, Türkiye
399. Toprak Erduvan, Architect (Mimar), Istanbul/Turkey
400. Ferdan Çiftçi Ziraat Mühendisi İzmir Türkiye
401. Yavuz Özkütük
402. A. Cem Cezali Elektirik Mühendisi Istanbul Turkiye
403. Erol Önderoğlu, journalist, Istanbul, Turkey
404. Erdinc Ergenc, Journalist, Istanbul, Turkey
405. Leighann Spencer, PhD Candidate Charles Sturt University Australia
406. Irfan Batur, PhD Student & Graduate Research Assistant, Arizona State University, Arizona, US
407. Ali Kocabaş, Prof. Dr. Turkey
408. Jenny Vanderlinden, human rights activist, Tubize, Belgium
409. Aykut Çoban, Prof.Dr., independent scholar, Turkey
410. Hugh Raffles, Professor of Anthropology, New School of Social Research, New York, NY, USA
411. Eren Kırmızıaltın, PhD, Ankara, Turkey
412. Mehmet Ali Öztürk, İzmir, Türkiye
413. Doğan Karakaş Heykelci, İstanbul, Türkiye
414. Kadriye şen student gaziantep, Turkey
415. Songül Başkaya, Journalist, Antalya, Turkey
416. Mehmet Ugur, Professor of Economics and Institutions, University of Greenwich, London, UK
417. Göknur Yumuşak Türkiye İzmir
418. Mehmet Akbiyik, Antalya, Turkiye
419. Aslı Takanay, Dr., Kampüssüzler/Bilark, İstanbul, Turkey
420. Pinar Onal, Dr, New York University
421. Güldeniz Algöz , gıda mühendisi Turkey
422. Ayşe Bingöl Demir, Human Rights Lawyer, New York/USA
423. Serkan KAZAN, Gıda mühendisi, Antalya, Türkiye
424. Dr. Deniz Kara, Diş Hekimi, Dentist, Ankara, Turkey
425. Hamit Durna
426. Candan Badem, Assoc. Prof., independent/purged from Munzur University, Dersim (Tunceli), Turkey
427. Eren Ozel, Phd, Lyon 2 University, Lyon, France
428. Dilek Aba
429. Ece Koçak, independent scholar/human rights advocate, Istanbul, Turkey
430. Kayihan Pala, Professor of Public Health, Bursa Uludag University, Bursa/TURKEY
431. Prof Dr Oliver Razum, Dean, Bielefeld School of Public Health, Bielefeld University, Germany
432. Esra Erdem, Prof., Alice Salomon University Berlin, Germany
433. John M. Meyer, Professor, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA, USA
434. Selen Turkay, Assistant Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
435. Dr. Osman Çataloluk, unaffiliated, independent scholar, Tokat, Turkey
436. Mahsum Evin, Van, Yüzüncüyıl Üniversitesi, Türkiye
437. Barbara Van Dyck, independent researcher, Belgium
438. Lisa Wandschneider, PhD student, Bielefeld School of Public Health, Bielefeld University, Germany
439. Ross Mittiga, Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile
440. Jennifer Clement, President PEN International
441. Şibay Tugsavul, Consultant, Ankara
442. Cafer Çataloluk, Klinik Psikolog, İstanbul, Turkiye
443. Ebru Simsek, New Jersey, USA
444. Ayşe Gül Altınay, Professor of Anthropology, Sabancı University, Turkey
445. Şebnem Yıldız
446. Yesim Yasin, Assistant Professor of Public Health, Acibadem University Medical School, Istanbul, Turkey
447. Özcan Kan, Sosyal Kültürel Aktivisti Eğitmen, İstanbul, Turkey

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