Paper: Why is public health care better?

Viva Salud, a Belgian ngo, just finished a new paper on the threats of privatizations in the health sector.

In their new paper “Why is public health care better” you’ll learn:

  • why privatisation causes bigger inequality in access to health care
  • why privatisation is often more expensive on a long term
  • why privatisation is not more efficient
  • why privatisation doesn’t mean better quality
  • why privatisation means less government control
  • why privatisation means less availability of health care workers and worse working conditions
  • what kind of health care system we would like to promote
  • examples of successful social movements campaigns

The paper can be downloaded for free: 




The paper deconstructs 6 often heard misconceptions about the supposed benefits of bringing the market into health care. Based on research and case studies from all over our planet, we learn why privatizations don’t lead to more efficiency, quality, health care workers nor equality.

The paper also shows hopeful examples of victories by social movements, and talks about the alternatives that we can demand.

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