In memory of our comrade and friend Amit Segupta

The international movement for health is still shocked with the unbelievable news of the premature departure of our comrade and friend Amit Segupta.

Amit was a leader of our movement. His sharp academic and research view combined with his clear philosophical perspective resulted in his dynamic and influential involvement in the international popular movement for health.

With limitless qualities and skills, Amit, usually working with a rare modesty, coordinated masterly all kind of activities, going from the intensive intellectual work of assuring the scientific and political cohesion of all the five issues of the Global Health Watch to the tremendous efficiency in reorganising, as a real magician, in a few hours, the programme of the 4th People’s Health Assembly, saving this crucial for the international movement event.

Through his active involvement in the courses of the International People’s Health University and the coordination of the WHO Watch activities, Amit is the mentor of a series of young activists who had the chance to work with him. 

The strategic quality -seldomly found, unfortunately- of Amit’s presence was his ability, position and will to combine and articulate the local and the thematic movements to the real and big screen, i.e. to the international movement for social emancipation. The abrupt vacuum that his departure produced  especially in this strategic perspective will, unfortunately, influence negatively the movement at this crucial period.

On behalf of the members and activists of he International Association of Health Policy in Europe  we offer our condolences and solidarity to Amit’ s wife Tripta and son Arijit and express our solidarity with all People’s Health Movement activists all over the world.

Long live Amit Segupta!

Hasta la victoria siempre!

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