Professor Onur Hamzaoğlu is free!

On July 19th, the physician and professor Onur Hamzaoglu, known as “Haka”, “Teacher”, was set free, after 150 days of detention in the highest security prisons of Ankara.

He was arrested at the beginning of February for signing a solidarity call for the people of Afrin, demanding Turkey’s war operation (“Olive branch)” to stop.

A professor of public health, director of a medical journal magazine and researcher who developed protocols for the treatment of leukemia, Hamzaoğlu is a man very annoying for the regime. He was expelled from the university in 2016, along with thousands of others who became known as “University for Peace”.

His unfair arrest and detention for so many months prompted a great wave of solidarity with a central message ‘Hoca Onur’. Among the solidarity events, his colleagues prepared for Onur a theater performance in Ankara:





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