Prof Onur Hamzaoglu arrested by turkish police

Prof Onur Hamzaoglu was arrested a few hours ago after a raid of the police in his house in Istanbul.

Prof Onur Hamzaoglu is an internationally known scientific researcher and practitioner, recently reelected in the Executive Board of the International Association of Health Policy in Europe in its 18th International Conference held end September 2017.

Prof Onur Hamzaoglu is envisaging and promoting with his example the duty of the academics and health professionals to develop their scientific activities aiming to serve the health of the population. He is famous internationally for his scientifically sound research on the implications on the health of the population of environmental deterioration in a local area. It is this activity that offered him enemies in the business circle and the repressive authorities of his country.

IAHPE Executive Board is strongly condemning the arrest of Prof Onur Hamzaoglu and is requesting his immediate release free of what ever charges. His independent scientific activity and his clear position in defending the health and the well being of his fellow citizens needs to be honoured instead of being jailed!

We call the international academic community to strongly react against this attrocity of the turkish authorities. Ya basta!!!

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