Urgent call: The antidemocratic shift in Turkey is not only a turkish problem

Dear friends,

The situation in Turkey is getting worse. A big wave of hunting and sacking people from their jobs is growing. The fact is that, contrary to the propaganda speaking about Gulen people, the majority of the sacked and threatened people are progressive and left wing activists. The news are that 41 more persons that signed the petition asking for peace where expeled from their jobs. Among them; Onur Hamzaoglu and Özlem Özkan are also the board members of IAHPE.

Our turkish friends are asking for our solidarity. In what follows, you will find their call which is asking to send messages to several turkish authorities.

As Martin Shultz was this week in Ankara greeting the soltan Erdogan I suggest that we have also to send him some angry messages. You can send them at

Another relatively urgent issue is that on the 27th of September in Istanbul there is a trial against academics because they signed the petition for peace. There is a crucial need to organise the presence of international observers in the trial.
Please propagate this message wherever you can and organise concrete solidarity activities. The antidemocratic shift is not only a turkish problem. It is a trend that is threatening all our societies. We have to react immediately and massively!

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