Solidarity to Dr. Mario Hernandez Alvarez, threatened by paramilitary group

The Latin American Association of Social Medicine, the People´s Health Movement and the Intenrational Association of Health Policy in Europe communicate our extreme concern over the death threats made by the paramilitary group “Aguilar Negras” to Dr. Mario Hernandez Alvarez, professor at the University of Colombia, member and former General Coordinator of ALAMES, and to another members of the community of the National University of Colombia. Dr. Mario Hernandez is distinguished by a brilliant academic career and to develop a critical stance toward policies that undermine the right to health of the Colombian people and the peoples of Latin America as a whole. Just a few weeks ago in the process of appointment of Rector of the National University he was the candidate who received more support, which shows the recognition to their work is in this community.

The signatories from different countries of the world require you to act with everything necessary to ensure the safety of Dr. Mario Hernandez Alvarez and dismantle the paramilitary group that has threatened him. We will follow the developments and support from our partner universities, ministries of health and communities expecting you to act with the seriousness of the situation demand.

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