XVIth Conference of IAHP with ALAMES & RED AMERICAS, Uruguay, 3 to 8 November 2012

Crisis, acceleration, and plunder in global capitalism: progress and setbacks in the struggle for universal health and rights. 


1. Capitalism, environment and social determination of health.

2. Social medicine and collective health in the struggle of movements and progressive socio-political processes: progress and new challenges.

3. Confronting policies of dismantling systems of social protection and social security. 

The Latin American Social Medicine Association, the International Association of Health Policy and the Network of Local Health Actors of theAmericas invite you to share five and a half days of exchange,

learning, debate and reflection on the impact of the global crisis on the right to health.

The integration of three conferences in one, charged with solidarity and internationalism, seeks to create synergy between the participating organizations and networks, and also to promote diversity and quality in the debate and the realization of the proposals.

The broad outlines of the schedule and major activities are summarized in the Program chart. Uruguay will host the Congress, with the headquarters in Montevideo (the capital) and Maldonado.

The Pre-Congress will take place in one location, and the Congress and Assembly of ALAMES in the other.

more at:   Confence leaflet 

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