Prof. Onur Hamzaoglu, Chair of Public Health Department at Kocaeli University is under investigation

An international movement of solidarity is urgently needed!

A scientist, Prof. Dr. Onur Hamzaoglu, Chair of Public Health Department at Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine is under investigation.

Why?Just because he fulfills his dutiestowards the society as a human, a physician and an academician.

Prof Dr. Onur Hamzaoglu deals with seriousenvironmental and health problems that have been encountered in Kocaeli region, for many years.

He published the results of his study,namely, The Causes of Deaths in Industry-Dense Areas: Example of Dilovası in 2005and demonstrated the excessive number of cancer-related deaths. Heshared his findings with local and national academic societies and politicalauthorities. He also offered his solutions to Turkish Grand National Assemblyin 2006.

What has changed since that day? Nothing!

Prof. Dr Onur Hamzaoglu recently presentedthe results of a new study, which he has managed, to publicise through the media.

The demands for investigation and trialbegan to occur after this statement.

In this study, which has been conducted by Onur Hamzaoglu together with the academicians from the Departments of Public Health, Child Health and Diseases and Medical Genetics at Kocaeli Universityand supported by the scientific research fund of University, certain heavymetals and trace elements have been detected in colostrum and meconium from theparticipants.

Prof. Dr. Onur Hamzaoglu, as a scientist who has a sense of responsibility, announced this information to public.

After a short period of time followingthis statement, Mayors of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Dilovası Municipality submitted a lawsuit petition to Kocaeli Public Prosecution Office, demanding the trial of Prof. Dr. Onur Hamzaoglu. They claimed that“he hadbrought the issue into the notice of large mass of people by saying ‘We havedetected zinc, iron, aluminium, lead and cadmium even in maternal breast milkin addition to blood and feces samples, thus, there is an enormous danger’andemployed the results of the research with the intention of causing panic amongthe people’. Prosecution Office forwarded the file to Kocaeli University Rectorate in order that they examine mentioned act.

If the university permits,Prof. Dr. Onur Hamzaoglu will be on trial with the request for 2-4 years imprisonment inaccordance with Article 213 of Turkish Penal Code (TCK),

The criminal investigation conducted by Kocaeli University for this reason is ongoing.

However, a disciplinary proceeding waslaunched by Kocaeli University against Prof. Dr. Onur Hamzaoglu after TheCancer Control Directorate of Turkish Ministry of Health has sent an officalletter to The Council of Higher Education and the Council  has submitted this letter for the review ofKocaeli University Rectorate and urged the Rectorate to take necessary actionin this direction.

What was the issue investigated byOnur Hamzaoglu? Why it caused a disturbance?

It is a known fact that the seriousenvironmental and health problems generated by Dilovası Organized IndustrialZone have been encountered in Kocaeli region. New organized industrial zones,which were planned to establish, brought the discussions on this issuetothe  public agenda.

“Growth and Development Patterns inInfants Exposed to Heavy Metal, Who Born to MothersLiving in Dilovası and Kandıra Districts” is being investigatedwithin the recent research project, which has been designed with theparticipation of the academicians from the Departments of Public Health, Child Health and Diseases and Medical Genetics at Kocaeli University and conducted by Onur Hamzaoglu and supported by the scientific research fund of thisUniversity. According to the final results obtained in this research, certainheavy metals and trace elements have been detected in colostrum and meconiumfrom the participants.

Prof Dr. Onur Hamzaoglu has announced theunusual and scary findings of this study to public and experienced the sametrouble as the honest and brave scientist from all over the world,who havestrong sense of responsibility: Annoyance!

Actually, we know these annoyances very well.

Dr. Irving Selikoff had experienced the same annoyance since he hadstated in 1964 that asbestosis was hazardous for human health.

Dr. Herbert Needleman had experienced the same annoyance in 1970, when hehad announced the harmfulness of lead for children’s health.

Dr. Takeshi Nirayama had encountered the same annoyancein 1981 when he had stated that passive smoking causes lung cancer.

Dr. Benjamin Santer had experienced the same annoyance in 1996, when hehad reported his findings onclimate change.

Dr. Ignacio Chapela had encountered the same annoyance in  2000, when he had stated the danger with genetically modified Mexico corn.

Now, the time comes for OnurHamzaoglu…

Those who prioritize political andeconomic interests over human health are on one side and the public health,honorable scientists and Onur Hamzaoglu are on the other side.

The side that we take is apparent.

The people of Dilovası are our beloved.

Prof. Dr. Onur Hamzaoglu is ourpride.

We do not let anybody lay a fingeron Onur Hamzaoglu.

We protect our mothers’ breast milkand our babies’poo.

express your support by informing that you sign the above and writing your Name, title, workplace, city atFeride Aksu Tanik

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