Heath Policy in Europe: Contemporary dilemmas & challenges, a IAHPE book on line


by Alexis Benos, Hansulrich Deppe, John Lister

 This IAHPE book is now available on line for free here


Section 1: OVERVIEW

Commercialisation or Solidarity? The Fundamental Orientation of Health Policy, 

Hans-Ulrich Deppe … 3

Social care policies, national government and private interests

Jane Lethbridge … 17

European Integration, the Open Method of Coordination and the Future of European Health Policy

Thomas Gerlinger … 50

Food and Health Safety in the United States and the European Union

Dr. Philip van Meurs and Dr. Lila Antonopoulou … 62

Trade Unions and Health Promotion

Mauri Johansson … 86

Markets versus mental health: the inappropriateness of the mainstream health reform agenda

John Lister … 98

Section 2:


Health Care in Croatia – Market or social values?

Aleksandar Dzakula, MD, Luka Voncina, MSc, MD, Professor Jadranka Mustajbegovic, PhD, MD, Nikolina Radakovic, MD … 113

A new prevention law in Germany: Change of paradigm, increased bureaucracy – or both?

Rolf Rosenbrock …123

Changes in Drug Approval in the EU and Germany: from regulation to service

Rolf Schmucker … 133 

Privatisation of health care in Greece: The development of private for-profit health care providers (1980-2002)

Kondilis E,. Giannakopoulos E, Zdoukos T, Gavana M, Benos A … 145

National health policy and the ongoing reforms in the field of occupational health in the Republic of Macedonia

J.Karadzinska -Bislimovska, S.Risteska-Kuc … 158

Health care policy in Palestine: challenges and opportunities

Motasem Hamdan, PhD … 163

Health care system in Serbia: Present state and reform 

Prof. Slobodan Jankovic …173

Report on programme “Medicines Management in Hospitals in Serbia”

Slobodan Jankovic and Tim Dodd … 176

Sweden: universal welfare versus market mechanisms and privatization

Gunnar Ågren and Susanne Öhrling … 186

Health policy in Turkey in the context of the “Right to Health” and “Privatisation”

Fatih Artvinli … 191

The results of health reform in Turkey: increased and deepened inequalities

Onur Hamzaoglu and Feride Sacaklioglu … 196

United Kingdom: England’s health care pays high price for market reforms

John Lister … 210

A review of data on the U.S. health sector 

Nicholas Skala and Ida Hellander … 229

Declaration of Thessaloniki Conference … 252

List of contributors …254 

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