Political and Economic Determinants of Population Health & Well-Being:Controversies & Developments, by V. Navarro & C. Muntaner

The field of social inequalities in health continues its vigorous growth in the early years of the 21st century. This volume following in the footsteps of Vicente Navarro’s edited collection of The Political Economy of Social Inequalities, is a compilation of recent contributions to the area of social epidemiology, health disparities, health economics and health services research.

The overarching theme is to describe and explain the evergrowing health inequalities across social class, race and gender as well as neighborhood, city, region, country and continent. The approach in this book is distinctly multi-, trans-, and interdisciplinary: the fields of public health, population health, epidemiology, economics, sociology, political science, philosophy, medicine and history are all represented here.

Find more information on the book content, the authors and direct contact with the publishing editor at http://baywood.com/books/previewbook.asp?id=0-89503-278-3

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