Health Policy Reform: Driving the wrong way?, by John Lister

Health Policy Reform: Driving the wrong way? – A critical guide to the global ‘health reform’ industry

author: John Lister

Published July 5 2005
ISBN 1 904750 45 1 £25pb

“This is an excellent book for students and policy makers and provides a useful overview of health care restructuring across the world. I recommend it.”

Allyson Pollock, Chair of Health Policy & Health Services Research, UCL

“John Lister has provided the definitive critique of market-oriented health care ‘reforms’ that the World Bank has been promoting at least since 1993. His book is a crucial contribution to the struggle for equity-oriented, rights-based approaches to health systems in rich and poor countries alike.”

Ronald Labonte, Canada Research Chair (Tier I) and Ted Schrecker, Senior Policy Researcher, Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa (co-authors, Fatal Indifference: The G8, Africa and Global Health)

“John Lister’s book is a powerful, readable, worldwide critique of the costs and contradictions of market-style reforms and privatization which UNISON has opposed in Britain. It is a valuable resource for campaigners and health workers everywhere.”

Karen Jennings, Head of Health, UNISON (Britain’s largest public service union)

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