Centre for International Public Health Policy

The Centre for International Public Health Policy has been newly established in the School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh. It offers MSc programmes in global health policy, and carries out research into international health, public health policy, and the use of private finance in public services, including the use of public private partnerships.

Internationally recognised for the quality and social relevance of their research, Prof Allyson Pollock and her colleagues focus on equity and distributive justice in health and health care. CIPHP offers research and teaching in four main areas: * health systems research * strategic policy tools such as privatisation, regulation, market mechanisms and devolved budgets * the impact of globalisation on health and health policy * the implications of new regulatory structures at national, EU and international levels. CIPHP has played a leading role in debates around the impact of current policies on the structures and financing of services on public health and social inequalities. CIPHP has a strong emphasis on initiating research, and on disseminating research findings to shape policy and practice. Its staff contribute to the world’s leading peer-reviewed journals, as well as professional journals, newspapers and magazines, and radio and television programmes.

link to the Centre for International Public Health Policy

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