FIINSA – 2006, Havana, Cuba

“III Foro Nacional de Investigación e Innovación en Salud”,
Hotel Nacional de Cuba, City of Havana, on November 27 – December 2, 2006.

The high development of the Cuban Public Health has had among one of its most solid pillars the full integration of the Science and the Innovation Technology to its daily chore, so that this event constitutes an opportunity to enter in contact with a wide inventory of new knowledge, technologies, services and productions of high added value, developed in Cuba for scientific and technicians that work in the most diverse areas in the institutions of the National Health System and other Excellency Centress.

FIINSA – 2006 will show results that had impacted in a very positive way the Cuban population’s health and also will offer you information about other projects in development at the moment. It will be an opportunity so that you can evaluate the possibilities to access to those Health achievementses and contributions of the Cuban Science and Technology, participation in projects of Research – Development and Technological Innovation in execution, to exchange experiences with Cuban scientists and to promote contacts, actions and agreements with our Institutions of Scientific Excellency and Medical Universities for the development of combined projects that can contribute to obtain more health, more well-being with equity and quality of life and a higher human development. go to FIINSA webpage

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