The Alma Ata Anniversary Pack by PHM

This collection of statements, reflections and papers is released for use by People’s Health Movement members, friends and enthusiasts all over the world to initiate a celebration for the Alma Ata Declaration anniversary particularly around 6-12th September 2003. (These are the actual dates of the meeting in 1978 when the Alma Ata Declaration was passed in an International Conference on Primary Health Care organized by World Health Organization and UNICEF and other organizations and ratified by the majority of the countries of the world.).

The Declaration is particularly significant to the People’s Health Movement because the People’s Charter for Health which evolved at the first People’s Health Assembly at Gonoshasthya Kendra (GK) ‘ Savar in Bangladesh on 8th December 2000, endorsed the principles and practice of universal, comprehensive Primary Health Care as outlined in the Alma Ata Declaration.

Celebrating the Alma Ata Anniversary is therefore a symbolic endorsement of both these consensus documents and an opportunity to express solidarity with the Health for All Now campaign of the Global People’s Health Movement.

Dr. Ravi Narayan,
People’s Health Movement Secretariat (Global)

This pack consists of the following documents:

  1. Why Alma Ata Anniversary
  2. Some suggestions for the celebration
  3. The Declaration of Alma Ata, September 1978
  4. The People’s Charter for Health, December 2000
  5. The Million Signatures on the Internet to Demand “Health for All, Now” A Press Release of PHM & IPHC, 5th January 2003 (to access the campaign website and sign up, go to
  6. 25 years of Primary Health Care : Lessons learned and proposals for revitalization – David Sanders (South Africa) – A PHM position paper.
  7. Reflections on Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Alma Ata Declaration – D. Banerji (India).
  8. The Alma Declaration and the Goal for Health for all 25 years later – Keeping the Dream Alive – David Werner (USA).
  9. A note of concern on Primary Health Care Agenda paper of WHO – Circulated by PHM at World Health Assembly, May 2003
  10. Press Release : Primary Health Care : More Action less words please (May 2003)
  11. Press Release : War on Health is killing the dream of Health for All (May 2003)

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