Baghdad Central Infectious Disease Laboratory looted!

PHM reporting
Tuesday 15 April

Just reported from Baghdad on Abu-Dhabi Satellite Television News (6pm Londontime)

The Central Infectious Diseases Laboratory in the heart of Baghdad has been broken into, looted and smashed. Incubators containing many dangerous viruses, including hepatitis, polio, AIDS and many other have been stolen and other containers and incubators have been smashed and strewn all over the area.

There is no public broadcasting service to warn the looters and others of the dangers, and no authorities to take action. Some of the Lab workers have been pleading with ICRC officials and with American military medics to rise up to their responsibilities, but they appear to have been stonewalled. They believe that this will cause major outbreaks of disease.

Please act urgently. Contact the ICRC, aid agencies, media, politicians. This war is turning into genocide while politicians and the military congratulate each other. The Lab workers themselves stress that the diseases will not spare the occupation troops themselves.

Dr Kamil Mahdi

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