Health Implications of the israeli invasion 12 April 2002

Health Implications of the Detoriorating Situation

reported by Palestine Emergency Committee

Jerusalem 1:39pm Thu Apr 11 ’02

link to jerusalem.indymedia

“We are getting reports of pure horror. In the name of human decency the Israeli military must allow our ambulances safe passage to help evacuate the wounded and deliver emergency supplies of medicines and food.” (UNRWA, April 7, 2002) incursions. Due to unprecedented restrictions on humanitarian access the exact number of the dead and injured as well as the situation of household food and water reserves and damage to essential infrastructure has been extremely difficult to assess.” (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs -OCHA, April 5, 2002)

“Humanitarian crisis looming as over one million people enter day 10 of total curfew.13. Lastly, tremendous psycho-social consequences can be expected in the population, not only among those who are victims of violence but also among those who have been witnesses to house-to-house searches, arbitrary detention of family members, military assaults on neighborhoods, executions and street killings.

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