Timothy Evans, Margaret Whitehead, Finn Diderichsen, Abbas Bhuia & Meg Wirth (editors), Challenging Inequities in Health

Timothy Evans, Margaret Whitehead, Finn Diderichsen, Abbas Bhuia & Meg Wirth, Editors

Challenging Inequities in Health: From Ethics to Action

Oxford University Press, New York 2001


Foreword, Sheikh Hasina

Part I: Establishing Values

1. Challenging Health Inequities: An Introduction, Tim Evans, et al.

2. The Social Basis of Disparities in Health, Finn Diderichsen, Tim Evans , and Margaret Whitehead

3. Ethical Dimensions of Health Equity, Fabienne Peter and Tim Evans

4. Health Equity in a Globalizing World, Lincoln C. Chen and Giovanni Berlinguer

Part II: Assessing and Analyzing the Health Divide

Introduction to Part II

5. Measuring Disparities in Health: Methods and Indicators, Sudhir Anand, et al.

6. The Fundamental Challenges of Measurement and Perceptions in Health Equity, Amartya Sen

7. China: Increasing Health Gaps in a Transitional Economy, Yuanli Liu, et al.

8. Japan: Historical and Current Dimensions of Health and Health Equity, Toshihiko Hasegawa

9. United States: Social Inequality and the Burden of Poor Health, Laura D. Kubzansky, et al.

10. Chile: Socioeconomic Differentials and Mortality in Middle-Income Nations, Jennette Vega, et al.

11. Russia: Socioeconomic Dimensions of the Gender Gap in Mortality, Vladimir M. Shkolnikov, Mark G. Field, and Evgueni M. Andreev

12. Tanzania: Gaining Insights into Adolescent Lives and Livelihoods, Vinand M. Nantulya, et al.

Part III: Tackling Root Causes

Introduction to Part III

13. Gender, Health, and Equity: The Intersections, Piroska ?stlin, Gita Sen, and Asha George

14. South Africa: Addressing the Legacy of Apartheid, Lucy Gilson and Di McIntyre

15. Kenya: Uncovering the Social Determinants of Road Traffic Accidents, Florence Muli-Musiime and Vinand Nantuya

16. Bangladesh: An Intervention Study of Factors Underlying Increasing Equity in Child Survival, Abbas Bhuiya, et al.

17. Sweden and Britain: The Impact of Policy Context on Inequities in Health, Finn Diderichsen, et al.

Part IV: Building Efficient, Equitable Health Care Systems

Introduction to the Issues

18. Health Care Financing: Assessing its Relationship to Health Equity, William C. Hsiao and Yuanli Liu

19. Mexico: Marginality, Need, and Resource Allocation at the County Level, Rafael Lozano, et al.

20. Vietnam: Efficient, Equity-Oriented Financial Strategies for Health, Pham Manh Hung, et al.

Part V: Conclusion

21. Developing the Policy Response to Inequities in Health: A Global Perspective, Margaret Whitehead, G?ran Dahlgren, and Lucy Gilson

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